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Prof. Stelios Lydakis, "Greek Naive Painting", Melissa.

"... Highly detailed work positively exudes lyricism.
An exceptional feel for colour combines with the magic of her details to give her work a fairytale beauty."

Manos Stefanides 

"But Kalogeropoulou is neither naive, nor primitive nor a folk artist. She is simply an artist with a devilishly cunning artist ability , sense of musical rhythm, humour and melancholy. She moves in the world of the imaginary with the passion and dilettante sensitivity of the 19th century German Romantics. And she re-uses motifs from classic fairy tails to touch upon the dead ends of the present."

Marios Markidis

"...So, this "myself"  is standing totally fascinated in front of the products of the imagination of Sceherazade - Kalogeropoulou. Why? First of all because there are not ordinary fantasies, (of which I am rather fed-up for reasons pertaining to my line of work...) but are rather beautified fantasies, refined through the filter of Goddess Beauty, so the artist after a carefully planned and orchestrated attack, succeeds to conquer the various defences of our boring rationalism..."

"Herald Tribune" 

"Considering the profusion of conseptual and ofter abstruse contemporary works of art, the brightly colourful and joyful paintings of Sophia Kalogeropoulou come as a refreshing break from what at times seems a strained effort to appreciate the multiple layers  of artistic meaning supposedly intrinsic to "high art". This is not to say that Kalogeropoulou's paintings are plain of un-sophisticated but rather that they exert an
out-of-the-ordinary charm."

"Die Welt" 

"Ihre küntlerische Karriere - viele ihrer Bilder befassen sich natürlich mit der Oper - bescherte ihr erfolgreiche Ausstellungen in Griechenland, Frankreich, Deutschland, Schweden, in der Schweiz und in Japan."
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